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Welcome to Jadawell Pure Aqua Jadawell

JADAWELL Water Factory Co. Is a family owned company and one of the leading water companies in the area located in Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. The factory Started production in 1999. Brand name used for marketing the products in the local market is (PURE AQUA). The factory is located on an area of 20,000-square-meters, number of employees 400. For product distribution and marketing, we have a fleet of vehicles that consists of 70 trucks and 30 vans.

Pure Aqua bottled water is widely available in the local market and for customer convenience our products are available in many different sizes. The refillable 5 gallon bottle and the one way use 20.5 Liter jumbo bottle also small format PET bottles and water cups.

Do You Drink Enough Water?

Most of us drink water when they feel thirsty but our bodies need 8-10 cups of healthy bottled water per day to stay fit & healthy.

Water prevents dehydration and keeps body temperature stable and helps weight loss. Also water helps keep skin smooth and prevent skin aging.

To prevent dehydration don't substitute water with soda or juice beverages. Most sodas and juice drinks contain sugar and caffeine which speeds up dehydration. Don't drink tank or bulk water, Always drink Pure Aqua Healthy bottled water.

The factory's commitment to follow the highest standards of quality and continue on that led to receiving several certificates that proves the quality of our products; ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification and Saudi Standards, Metrology and quality certificate (SASO mark) as well as the NSF certificate from International Sanitation Foundation in the United States. Both SASO and NSF make unannounced visits periodically to the factory to see the production method used and review records with reports as well as the withdrawal of random samples to be sent to their central laboratories in Riyadh and U.S.A to ensure their conformity with the Specifications and standards set for drinking water.

Water helps nearly every part of the human body function. Considering that our bodies are almost two-thirds water, understanding water's important role in the body can be a fountain of health. The following are just some of the things water does in the body: read more

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