Production and packing method:

Raw water source underground water wells of a depth of 120 meters, where water is free from any environmental or industrial pollution. After pumping water from the well it’s treated with the sand and activated carbon filter and then reverse osmosis unit which is sufficient to produce 1,500 cubic meters of water per day. After the passage of water produced in reverse osmosis unit and the purity of the water is reached and the perfect balance of salts that our bodies need water is then sterilized by ozone and ultraviolet radiation.

After obtaining the highest degree of purity, and sterile product water is then transferred automatically to the filling halls where the filling is done directly into the newly produced bottles in a sterile atmosphere free of microbes, bottling is also done automatically without any human intervention to avoid contaminations. On-site integrated laboratory is also available on site to take random samples from all stages of production to ensure that the water produced to local and international specifications and standards.